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At The Commission for Health, LLC., we’re passionate about being healthy, educating healthcare providers, and educating health consumers. We pride ourselves on integrity and education. Our lived experience gives us credibility in our field. We aim for each of our customers to be able to apply what they have learned to impact their communities. Our team has experience that spans a variety of health care environments and specialties. The experience of our team drives our passion to improve health care and communities across the country and the world.


We empower people to be the change that they want to see in their lives, communities, and the world

We intend to M.O.V.E communities. 

Motivate. Organize. Vitalize. Educate.

We strive to achieve this mission by forming partnerships with community stakeholders and community members. Each community has its own culture, strengths, and leaders. All too often people/organizations plan to effect change without buy-in from the community itself. The Commission for Health, LLC. helps to create an environment that is ready to facilitate change by investing in individual relationships with community members. 


Transparency: We communicate in a transparent manner 

Empowerment: We empower by providing credible and timely information

Education: We prioritize educating our consumers and our employees

Integrity: We pride ourselves on integrity, authentic relationships/partnerships cannot exist without integrity

Purpose-Driven: We are for a purpose and our decision align with the purpose of being stewards of the people and possessions we are entrusted with

2021 by the Numbers 
3 Volunteers
4 Free Presentations
Letters of support and Opposition 
Over 1200 social media post since November of 2019
Over 600 Students attended presentations by our volunteers
Children's book published


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