Our Background


At The Commission for Health, LLC., we’re passionate about being healthy, educating healthcare providers, and educating health consumers. We pride ourselves on integrity and education. Our lived experience gives us credibility in our field. We aim for each of our customers to be able to apply what they have learned to impact their communities. Our team has experience that spans a variety of health care environments and specialties. The experience of our team drives our passion to improve health care and communities across the country and the world.


We empower people to be the change that they want to see in their lives, communities, and the world

We intend to M.O.V.E communities. 

Motivate. Organize. Vitalize. Educate.

We strive to achieve this mission by forming partnerships with community stakeholders and community members. Each community has its own culture, strengths, and leaders. All too often people/organizations plan to effect change without buy-in from the community itself. The Commission for Health, LLC. helps to create an environment that is ready to facilitate change by investing in individual relationships with community members. 


Healthy Choices: In order for people to become healthy individuals they have to be equipped to know how to make healthy choices. Individuals are a part of a family, and those families create communities.

Healthy Communities: People need resources in order to thrive. Recreation, sanitation, education, safety, access to quality healthcare, and quality food are some of the resources that are necessary. 

Education: Education is one of the most significant variables that will impact an individual's life. It impacts their ability to earn income, manage their finances, and contribute to their community. If the community doesn't offer high-quality education it has failed the next generation, this failure may impact the community for generations to come.

Legislative Advocacy: In many communities where there is a need for vitalization, the members are unaware of the legislative process and how local elections impact who represents them on a local, regional, and state level. We place significant value on legislative advocacy as it often is tied to funding of programs for the underserved, and the public education system.

Mental Health: The value of mental health cannot be overstated. Communities with resources to address trauma, mood disorders, and that teach coping skills often have lower violent crime rates, increased creativity and innovation, and promote higher self-worth amongst its community members.

Financial Literacy: Financial literacy is important because it teaches delayed gratification, and allows for protective mechanisms to be used (life insurance, disability insurance, etc.). In communities where financial literacy is promoted the members are more likely to earn higher incomes, and be more financially resilient when experiencing unexpected situations (i.e. death of a family member, loss of a job, illness, etc.)

Integrity: We pride ourselves on integrity. Authentic relationships/partnerships cannot exist without integrity. We apply our values to each of our decisions, services, and volunteer opportunities. Our values are applied to gain and maintain trust with stakeholders and community members.

2020 by the Numbers 

2 Volunteers

5 Free Presentations

5 Letters of support and Opposition 

Over 600 social media post since November of 2019

34 Students attended presentations by our volunteers

Children's book published