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Growth and Self-Evaluation Sundays

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Welcome back!!! Yesterday was the first time I posted on social media in a while. I experienced a significant setback from people unsubscribing from my website in large numbers after joining my Facebook Group "Health Hunters". I figure it has been long enough to have allowed those that are not interested time in removing themselves during my time of intentional silence.

I posted a video to my Instagram page @thecommissionforhealth about #leadership and #growth. In this posting, I referred to a few of the books I am posting pictures of. If I could summarize my main points in a few words they would be:

  1. Responsible leadership begins with ownership.

  2. You have to invest time with people and develop a report before attempting to coach them or gain their trust/support.

  3. Growth happens in more than one dimension.

  4. When you are hungry to find a way, you will.

  5. Being #intentional will allow you to achieve goals more efficiently.

  6. You do not have to know everything but you do need to know people (subject matter experts) that can support your areas of growth and supplement your experience.

  7. In order to gain buy-in from your family and achieve #harmony you must have hard conversations to know how to be present in meaningful ways for them.

  8. Dealing with criticism is essential for growth.

  9. You have to tap into a source of higher strength to overcome challenging moments in life.

Additional readings were posted on my Instagram page @thecommissionforhealth

Disclaimer: My views are my own and are not to act as medical or legal advice.

List of Books (all pictured above excluding Finding My Voice and Braving the Wilderness):

The Dichotomy of Leaderhsip


Finding My Voice

Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness

Leadership and Self-Deception

Braving the Wilderness

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