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Curious about Keto?

Things you need to know before trying Keto

Over the years, I have witnessed many of my colleagues and friends experiment with different diets or health trends. One of the more recent trends in health and fitness has been the Keto diet. The "Keto Diet," also known as the "Ketogenic Diet", is a diet that consists of mainly low carb and high-fat content foods. I reviewed three articles from credible sources (Harvard Health, Women's Health Magazine, and Healthline) during my research. Women's Health Magazine and Healthline provided examples of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Below I will provide you with three pros and cons concerning this diet.


1) Some consumers of this diet report rapid weight loss

2) There are different types of Keto diets (cyclic, targeted, vegan, lazy keto, and dirty keto)(Miller and Mahtani, 2022)

3) It may lower insulin and blood sugar levels (Mawer, 2020)


1) KetoFlu (reports of feeling sick during the first several weeks of initiating the dietary changes required to follow this diet). (Miller and Mahtani, 2022)

2) Nutrient deficiencies (low levels of vitamins, minerals, or electrolytes)

3) Mental fog (Mawer, 2020)

Disclaimer: My views are my own. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making changes to your medication, dietary, and exercise regimen. The information provided does not act as medical or legal advice.


Harvard Health Publishing. (2020, August 31). Should you try the keto diet? Harvard Health Publishing: Staying Health.

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Author: Alita-Geri Carter, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC

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