Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. My favorite public health month to celebrate/acknowledge. Life is so much different when you have the ability to see things clearly. As someone that struggled/struggles with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety I know all too well how much this means. How much of an impact it can have on your family when you don't ask for help and the freedom that comes with accepting it for what it is. Everyday I want each of us to find ways to be mindful. Assess our ability to handle our current stress loads. Are you sleeping well? Are you waking up feeling rested? Are you finding yourself feeling like a failure? Do you blame yourself for things? If so talk to your doctor/nurse Practitioner/PA. Talk to a counselor. Maybe medication is necessary until you have become more able to handle the stress of your situation, or maybe there are situations you haven't addressed in other areas. It's okay to say "I'm not okay".