No Tablet or Television Without Warning

The Day the Tablets and Televisions "Broke"

After five long months of waiting (which is short when we compare the 12-18 months that we waited for our daughter), we finally completed the developmental evaluation for our son. One of the recommendations given by the developmental neuropsychological pediatric specialist was to remove exposure to television and tablets. We were brutally honest with her and ourselves. During the pandemic, we instituted our own "stay-at-home" orders before our region did. Taking care of our children and working full-time was pure torture for several reasons (we do recognize how blessed we were to maintain our employment, but it did not mean that everything was easy for us). Our children often experienced their most energetic moments while we were in the midst of business meetings or conference calls. We had two children under the age of five, and three adults seemed to be easily worn out by them individually and collectively.