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Special Needs Children and IEPs During COVID19

If your child has an IEP this article has great advice for tracking their progress and services during COVID-19

Vocabulary words to learn:

IDEA-Individuals with Disabilities Act

504- Medical Accommodation Plan

(Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act)

ADA- American Disabilities Act

IEP- Individual Education Plan

FAPE- Free and Appropriate Public Education

PWN- Prior Written Notice

ESY- Extended School Year

Excerpt from article:

"The best advice I can give a parent is to document, document, document. When the school opens the parent would have established a log with vital information in it. This information may be used to request Extended School Year (ESY) and Compensatory Services in the areas that the child may have regressed during the COVID-19 crisis. Compensatory Services will be determined based on whether or not the school was able to provide FAPE in accordance to the IEP during the COVID-19 crisis."

Put everything in writing all the time!!!

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