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Testimonials from students that have attended our presentations in 2020:


Hello Alita,

Thank you again for all of your support and for organizing the fabulous presenters and presentations. Below is some of the feedback I have received. 


11.3.2020 Epidemiologist

  • I loved hearing about all of the different kinds of Epidemiologists!

  • My favorite part was the information she shared and the insight it provided me into this field.

  • She was amazing! I want to be a plastic surgeon one day and appreciated hearing about her role in the field.


10.27.2020 Pediatric Cardiac ICU Nurse

  • I found it so interesting how technology has been used to help patients survive.

  • My favorite part was learning about how the pacemaker works and how it helps patients.

  • She explained everything so well and it was easy to understand.

  • The thing that I found interesting is that they learned and progress together as a team to help kids with weak hearts.

  • I enjoyed when she was explaining how her work is like and the tools needed."

We Supported the Army National Guard and the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps for President Biden's Inauguration

"Dear friends,


On behalf of the Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) District 9 I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your participation in raising funds to feed our men and women in uniform both the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (USPHS) and the Army National Guard during inauguration week January 2021. Your contributions totaled $2200 which fed both services throughout the week and they too appreciate your generosity. We've all experienced ups and downs over the last year and I'm glad to know that despite the world's circumstances, your love and kindness has remained resilient as it is most important in times of uncertainty. 


Included in the email are thank you's and photos from USPHS leadership and We The Pizza's owner Micheline Mendelsohn who partnered with several small business restaurant owners in the area to make this possible.


 Again, thank you for making this effort possible and best wishes for a healthy 2021!


Notes of gratitude:


USPHS leadership:


This really is a great acknowledgment of our efforts.  



VADM Jerome Adams

20th US Surgeon General 


Thank you and the Maryland Nurses Association, District 9 for the thoughtful and generous support to include the USPHS Commissioned Corps as one of the many uniformed services deployed to support the ongoing 59th Presidential inauguration mission in Washington, D.C. This effort was both thoughtful and much appreciated. 



Joan Hunter, RN, MSW

Rear Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service


We The Pizza:

We cannot thank you enough from my family, our staff and the over 30 restaurants that have participated in feeding the troops, for the generosity you shared with us!

Thank you to the MNA District District 9, Maryland small businesses and the host of community members for your support.

We fed so many troops during the inaugural activities on Capitol Hill, brought smiles to so many faces and made this week just a little bit more special. We are feeding troops till they depart the city and couldn't have done it without you.

Have a beautiful week and thanks again,



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